In store until Sunday 10th November

Tasting Event: Balfour Hush Heath

October 16th 2019

Come join us for a free tasting event this week! This week we have two incredible wines, made right here in the UK.

First up we have Skye’s Blend:

This beautiful English wine offers a truly refreshing blend of Bacchus, Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc from the Hush Heath vineyards. A really versatile wine that can pair with a number of easy to make dishes.

Gentle green fruit with a soothing finish of cream welcomes you on the nose with a touch of flower to finish. The palate offers a balance between crisp acidity and a rich mouth feel. Soft fruit make this a delicious wine for most occasions.

We also have Luke’s Pinot Noir waiting for you to try:

A beautiful example of a cool climate Pinot Noir. If Pinot Noir’s are your thing, then this is a must try for you. Named after the producer’s eldest son, this wine is created using clone vines from the Burgundy region of France. This wine may have started its story in France, but it very much blossomed in England.

A perfectly smooth nose starts with a slight oak and slowly unveils the essence of rich red fruits. Then to the best bit; tasting certainly doesn’t disappoint with this wine and with cherries, raspberries and vanilla all popping up at the right points, I’m pretty sure even if you didn’t like Pinot Noir, you would like this wine. Well done Luke. Well actually, well done Dad.

Get down to your nearest Wine Rack and try these wines for yourself! Find your local page on our store locator