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1000 Stories

November 17th 2020

Every story is different, here’s ours…

Celebrating Past and Present

Long before French and American oak barrels intended for wine filled California wineries, used barrels were often purchased from distillers. 1000 Stories returns to the roots of this pioneering winemaking trend.

From celebrated Winemaker, Bob Blue

“Years ago, when I was just starting out as a winemaker, it was almost unheard of to get French oak wine barrels – and American oak barrels were for whisky, not wine. But we still needed barrels to age our wine, so we purchased used bourbon barrels…1,000 Stories is a nod to the way things were.”

Zinfandel in a New Light

Celebrated for its nuanced expression when grown in California soils, Zinfandel ultimately is a hearty red grape whose structure and flavours successfully stand up to – and riff on – the intensity of bourbon barrels.

Giving Back to the Bison

1000 Stories supports the Wildlife Conservation Society and American Bison Society in their efforts to help restore natural habitats and reintroduce bison to healthy environments. Annually, 1000 Stories donates funds earmarked for these initiatives, helping to ensure bison continue to thrive in the US.

Tasting Notes

Premium Zinfandel grapes imbue the wine with tremendous depth and intriguing red raspberry notes, with a bold structure and ripeness accented by hints of candied cherry.

The aging process began in traditional American and French oak barrels before being introduced to new bourbon barrels. The characteristic smoky flavours from these barrels come through beautifully. Richly flavoured vanilla, dried herbs and a hint of caramel offer a lasting impression.

For the last winemaking step, the wine was matured in used bourbon barrels – some as many as 13 years old – from a selection of America’s most celebrated distilleries. Over time, barrel ageing polishes the wine and lends further depth and complexity to its bold character.

A touch of Petite Syrah (14%) contributes deep colour and enhances mouthfeel, while delivering soulful minerality. Flavours of vanilla and spice feature, along with notes of red and black fruit, closing with a smoky finish.