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How to Create Perfect Wine and Cheese Pairings: Unleashing the Best Flavours

July 14th 2023

Moët Ice Imperial Champagne & Brie Cheese

Moët Ice Imperial champagne and Brie cheese can make a great pairing, as the richness of the cheese can complement the effervescence and sweetness of the champagne. Here’s a breakdown of why these two works well together:

Champagne sweetness pairs with creamy Brie: Moët Ice Imperial has a fruity, sweet flavour that can balance out the rich and creamy texture of Brie cheese.

Brie’s soft and buttery texture can pair well with the champagne’s effervescence: The carbonation of the champagne can cut through the creaminess of the Brie, making it less heavy on the palate.

Champagne’s acidity can cut through Brie’s fat content: Brie is high in fat, which can be balanced out by the acidity of the champagne.

Moët Ice Imperial’s serving temperature complements Brie’s cool temperature: Both the champagne and cheese are typically served cold, making it a refreshing pairing during warm weather.

To make the most of this pairing, serve the Brie cheese at room temperature to allow its flavours to shine through and combine it with crackers, sliced baguette, or grapes. When serving the Moët Ice Imperial, chill the champagne to the recommended temperature of 7-10 °C (45-50 °F) to enhance its notes of tropical fruit and keep it crisp and refreshing. Enjoy the pairing on its own or as part of a cheese board.

Miguel Torres Andica Sauvignon Blanc & Goats Cheese

Miguel Torres Andica Sauvignon Blanc, a white wine from Chile, can be a good match for goat cheese due to its crisp, refreshing acidity. Here’s why:

Wine acidity pairs well with the creaminess of the cheese: Goat cheese has a tangy, slightly acidic flavour, and the acidity of the Miguel Torres Andica Sauvignon Blanc can complement and balance this flavour, while also cutting through the richness of the cheese.

Wine’s herbal notes match well with the cheese’s earthy taste: Goat cheese typically has a distinct earthy flavour, and the Miguel Torres Andica Sauvignon Blanc has herbal notes of grass, green bell pepper, and lime peel that can enhance and complement the cheese’s taste.

Light-bodied wine matches well with the cheese: The wine is light-bodied, meaning it won’t overpower the subtle flavour of goat cheese. This allows the cheese to shine through, while the wine serves as a refreshing counterpart. When pairing, I’d suggest serving the Miguel Torres Andica Sauvignon Blanc slightly chilled, around 8-10 °C (47-50 °F). For the goat cheese, try a young, soft goat cheese such as a French Chèvre, which has a mild flavour and creamy texture. You can serve the cheese with some crackers, sliced baguette, or even fresh fruit like apple slices or grapes, to add a bit of sweetness to the pairing.

Heavenly Malbec & Gouda Cheese

When it comes to the perfect wine and cheese pairing, the combination of a rich and robust Malbec with the creamy and slightly nutty Gouda cheese is simply heavenly. The deep flavour’s of the Malbec beautifully complement the smooth and velvety texture of the Gouda, creating a delightful harmony for the palate.

Malbec Wine and Gouda cheese make for a heavenly pairing that combines the rich flavours of both. The robust and fruity characteristics of Malbec wine perfectly complement the creamy and nutty notes of Gouda cheese, creating a delightful culinary experience for wine and cheese enthusiasts.

To truly experience the heavenly combination of Malbec and Gouda cheese, it is recommended to serve the wine at cellar temperature, around 16-18°C (60-65°F). This allows the flavours of the wine to fully develop and enhances the overall tasting experience. When it comes to Gouda cheese, it is best enjoyed at room temperature, as this allows the cheese to soften and release its full flavour potential.