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New Year, New You: Enjoying January with Control, Cosy Nights, and Lower-Calorie Delights from Wine Rack

December 22nd 2023

As we step into the crisp, fresh canvas of January, many of us are motivated to make positive changes in our lives. While resolutions often include cutting back on indulgences, it’s important to remember that giving up everything can set us up for failure. Instead, let’s explore a balanced approach to start the year right. At Wine Rack, we believe in moderation and control, focusing on achievable goals for long-term success. Join us on a journey to discover our lower-alcohol, lower-calorie range, and explore the cosy nights in with mocktails and budget-friendly deals.

Lower Alcohol, Lower Calorie Range: It’s a common misconception that enjoying alcoholic beverages means sacrificing your health goals. At Wine Rack, we’ve curated a selection of lower-alcohol and lower-calorie options to help you maintain control while savouring the moments. Our range includes delightful choices such as Heineken 0% and Guinness 0% for beer lovers looking to cut back on alcohol. For wine enthusiasts, the Hardy’s Zero Chardonnay and Freixenet Sparkling 0% offer the same great taste with fewer calories.

Cosy Nights In: January evenings are ideal for cosy nights in by the fireplace, and what’s cosier than a glass of your favourite drink? Here are five products to enhance your evenings, along with food pairing suggestions

Budget Savings: At Wine Rack, we understand the importance of value for your money. That’s why we’re offering budget-friendly deals to help you stick to your financial resolutions:

Stella 10 x 440ml & Budweiser 10 x 440ml – £10.99: With these budget-friendly options, you can enjoy your favourite beers without breaking the bank. At just £1.09 per can, it’s a steal!

Save £4 on Miguel Torres Andica Carmenere & Sauvignon Blanc: Elevate your wine experience with these savings. Miguel Torres wines are known for their quality, and now you can enjoy them for less.

Whisky’s and Bourbons from £25.99: Explore our selection of whisky’s and bourbons, starting from just £25.99. Whether you prefer Isle of Jura Bourbon Cask, Laphroaig Select Single Malt, or Glenlivet Founders Reserve, we have options to suit your taste and budget.

As we embrace the opportunities of the new year, remember that control, moderation, and balance are the keys to long-term success. With Wine Rack’s lower-alcohol and lower-calorie options, cosy nights in with delightful pairings, and budget-friendly deals, you can enjoy January without sacrificing your resolutions. Cheers to a healthier, cosier, and more budget-conscious start to the year. Visit your nearest Wine Rack store and toast to a fantastic January ahead!