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Spring Into Easter: A Toast to New Beginnings with Wine Rack

March 20th 2024

As spring unfurls its vibrant canopy and Easter decorates the calendar, Wine Rack is poised to enrich your seasonal and holiday occasions with an exquisite array of wines, beers, spirits, and the introduction of innovative new flavours. 

Whether you’re orchestrating a joyful Easter gathering, relishing the tranquil pleasure of a sunny afternoon, or planning an alfresco dining experience, our selection is handpicked to ensure each moment is infused with elegance, flavour, and joy. Embark on a flavourful journey with us; locate your nearest Wine Rack store using our Store Locator and explore our spring selections at Wine Rack Offers.

Celebrate with Exquisite Wines and Proseccos

Clos Du Bois Chardonnay: This spring, let the elegance of Clos Du Bois Chardonnay enhance your Easter meal. Its sumptuous fruit notes and subtle oak beautifully accompany a roast chicken or a delicate seafood risotto, elevating your dining experience.

Mionetto DOC/Rose: Embrace the season with Mionetto. Toast with its vivacious Prosecco or enjoy the tender Rose, each making a splendid pairing with light pasta dishes, fresh spring salads, or as the centrepiece of your Easter celebrations.

Beefsteak Tannat: For those indulging in richer Easter feasts, the boldness of Beefsteak Tannat, with its dark fruits and firm tannins, wonderfully matches lamb dishes or a hearty beef stew, adding a layer of depth and flavour.

In-Store Tastings: Discover the Latest

This month, take advantage of our in-store tastings to explore the very latest wines, spirits, and ready-to-drink cocktails. Here’s what’s available for tasting:

  • Week 1 features the bold Diablo Chardonnay and Diablo Cab Sauv.
  • Week 2 brings the bubbly Corvezzo Prosecco Dry and Prosecco Rose.
  • Week 3 showcases the elegant Marques De Concha Chardonnay and Cab Sauv.
  • Week 4 invites you to try the Funkin Passion Fruit Martini 700ml.

For locations and more details, refer to our Store Locator.

Refreshing Beer, Lager, and Cider Choices

Cruzcampo 12 x 330ml: Savour the authentic taste of Spain this spring with Cruzcampo. This lager perfectly complements tapas or a seafood paella, capturing the essence of spring with every sip.

Estrella 4 x 500ml: Offering superb value, Estrella’s crisp and refreshing taste is ideal alongside grilled meats and barbecues, encapsulating the joy of outdoor dining.

Budweiser Budvar 12 x 330ml: Experience the rich tradition and fuller flavour of Budvar. It’s a match made for roast pork, ensuring your Easter celebration is both traditional and delightful.

Spring Mixology with Spirits

Opihr Gin: Infused with exotic botanicals, Opihr Gin lays the foundation for vibrant spring cocktails. Mix it with tonic and a twist of orange for a refreshingly aromatic drink.

Captain Morgan Spiced: Introduce a cosy warmth to the cool spring evenings. Captain Morgan Spiced, blended with ginger ale and lime, crafts a cocktail that’s both stimulating and soothing.

El Jimador Reposado: The star of our Easter mixology, El Jimador Reposado, brings versatility and a smooth, amber richness to your cocktail creations.

Cocktail of the Month: “Batanga” – Spring Refreshment

This April, celebrate spring and Easter with our “Batanga,” a refreshing cocktail that combines 50ml of El Jimador Reposado with the tangy juice of half a lime, topped up with Coca Cola in a salt-rimmed glass. Garnish with a wedge of lime for the perfect finishing touch. This easy-to-make, invigorating drink is ideal for Easter gatherings or as a delightful accompaniment to any spring festivity.

New Flavours for the Season

We’re excited to introduce Cîroc Limonata and Absolut Honey to our shelves, promising to bring new dimensions to your spring mixology. Cîroc Limonata offers a zesty twist, while Absolut Honey envelops your senses with the sweetness of the season.