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Celebrate Father’s Day and Enjoy the Bank Holiday with Wine Rack

May 20th 2024

As June unfolds, Wine Rack is delighted to offer a variety of ways to celebrate the month’s special events. From Father’s Day to the long-awaited bank holiday weekend, we’ve curated an exciting and educational line-up of spirits, beers, and wines perfect for gifting, indulging, and exploring. Dive into our in-store tastings, shake up our cocktail of the month, and discover your new favourite drink at Wine Rack.

This season, whether you’re looking to treat Dad with a thoughtful gift or simply want to enjoy the extended weekend, our selection caters to all your needs. Explore premium spirits such as the zesty Ciroc Limonata, perfect for crafting refreshing summer cocktails, or the vibrant Aperol, ideal for a classic Spritz. Our range of Funkin Cocktails, including Pina Colada, Passionfruit Martini, and Daiquiri, are ready to pour and perfect for any festive occasion. Additionally, our Ready to Drink Cans like Bacardi Mango Mojito and Raspberry Mojito offer a convenient way to enjoy expertly mixed cocktails on the go or at any summer gathering.

Father’s Day: Gifts for Every Dad

Celebrate the father figures in your life with our handpicked selection of spirits and beers:

  • Spirits for Dad:
    • Isle of Jura Bourbon Cask: A single malt Scotch with whispers of vanilla and spices, ideal for dads who appreciate a sophisticated, smoky sip.
    • Don Papa Rum: Rich and sweet with hints of vanilla and fruit, it’s perfect for dads who like their spirits with a bit of character.
    • Engine Gin: Crafted in Italy, known for its botanicals and smooth finish, this gin is great for gin-loving dads.
    • Gentleman Jack: A silky, refined Tennessee whiskey that goes down smoothly on its own or in a classy cocktail.
  • Beers for Dad:
    • Birra Moretti Sale Di Mare: Light and crisp with a hint of saltiness, perfect for seafood pairings or enjoying by itself.
    • Brewdog Wineman: A bold new brew for dads who enjoy exploring different beer styles.
    • Heineken: A classic choice that never fails to please, ideal for enjoying during a relaxing Father’s Day meal.

Discover the Latest Craft Ales at Wine Rack: A New Wave of Refreshment

This summer, Wine Rack is excited to introduce a handpicked selection of craft ales, each with its own distinctive character and flavour profile. As craft beer continues to grow in popularity, we’re committed to bringing our customers a diverse range of options that showcase the best of innovation and craftsmanship from around the world. Here’s a look at our newest additions, perfect for any craft beer enthusiast looking to explore unique and intriguing brews.

  • Arctic Fox Pilsner: Crisp and refreshing, the Arctic Fox Pilsner is a testament to classic brewing artistry. Brewed with precision, it offers a clean and bright flavour with subtle hints of citrus, making it a perfect companion for a sunny day or a light meal.
  • Loxhill Biscuit Golden Ale: For those who enjoy a touch of sweetness, the Loxhill Biscuit Golden Ale is an excellent choice. Its rich golden hue and the slightly malty, biscuity flavour make it a comforting yet refreshing option. This ale pairs beautifully with grilled meats or a casual fish and chips.
  • Crafty One Pale Ale: Vibrant and hoppy, the Crafty One Pale Ale stands out with its aromatic bouquet and a palate pleasing blend of fruity and floral notes. Its robust character makes it ideal for those who appreciate a fuller-bodied beer that’s still easy to drink on a warm evening.
  • Blind Side: A bold choice for the adventurous beer lover, Blind Side offers a complex flavour profile with layers of depth. This ale combines earthy undertones with a punchy bitterness that’s sure to appeal to those who like their beer with a bit of an edge.
  • Cherry Chouffe: Uniquely delightful, Cherry Chouffe marries the richness of dark cherries with a smooth, malty base. This ale is not only a treat for the palate but also a visual delight, pouring a deep red with a frothy head. It’s an excellent pick for dessert pairings or as a stand-alone treat.

Don’t miss out on our exclusive offer! Dive into the diverse world of craft and bottled ales with a fantastic 15% off all craft and bottled ales at Wine Rack. This promotion is perfect for exploring new flavours or stocking up on your favourites. Please note, availability and specific offers may vary across different stores. Check in at your local Wine Rack or visit our website to see what unique brews you can discover and save on today!

Bank Holiday and Wine Pairings

Make the most of the bank holiday with our exclusive wines, ideal for long weekend get-togethers:

  • Baileys Mint Choc: Deliciously indulgent, Baileys Mint Choc is wonderful on the rocks or as a decadent addition to desserts.
  • 19 Crimes Spiced Rum: Bold and aromatic with notes of vanilla and spice, pair it with ginger beer for a refreshing bank holiday cocktail.
  • Nemiroff Vodka: With its clean, crisp taste and a subtle hint of herbs, it’s perfect for creating a wide range of cocktails to enjoy over the weekend.

Cocktail of the Month: The French Mule

Our cocktail of the month, the French Mule, features Rémy Martin VSOP, fresh lime, and ginger beer. This premium take on the classic mule offers a spicy, yet refreshing taste that’s ideal for ushering in the summer days.

In-Store Tasting Events

Join us for our exclusive in-store tasting events this June, where you can sample a range of exceptional wines and spirits:

  • 24th & 25th May : Explore the robust flavours of Miguel Torres Andica Carmenere and the crisp notes of Miguel Torres Andica Sauvignon Blanc Organic.
  • 30th & 31st May: Delight in the rich textures of Isola Nero D’Avola and the aromatic Mazzel Belgurado Vermentino.
  • 7th & 8th June: Discover a variety including Jura 10-year-old whisky, Luxardo Limoncello, and the vibrant Left Field wines.
  • 14th & 15th: Sample exotic spirits and wines like Don Papa Rum and the refined Faustino Gran Reserva.

Each tasting is an opportunity to expand your palate and find new favourites just in time for summer’s many celebrations.

Discover More with Wine Rack

This June, let Wine Rack be your guide to celebrating Father’s Day, and making the most of the bank holiday with friends and family. From discovering the perfect gift for Dad to enjoying our cocktail of the month, Wine Rack offers everything you need to make your celebrations extraordinary. Explore our latest deals and join our community by signing up at Wine Rack Offers. Discover more with Wine Rack.