25 Minutes

Serves 2


250g fresh tagliatelle pasta

2 tbsp fat-free yoghurt

½ lemon

1 egg

150g grated cheese (Italian Comté is great)

100g pancetta (Chopped and fried off)

1 green chicory

1 red chicory

1 bag of washed baby spinach

1 clementine

1 handful of pine kernels

Oil and balsamic mix (shake a 50/50 mix in a bottle for ease)


Step 1.

First make your salad as your pasta will take no time.

Step 2.

Start by washing and splitting your chicory, place a red leaf inside each green leaf and arrange around a large bowl

Step 3.

Next place your spinach in the middle of the bowl and slice your clementine’s and arrange on top.

Step 4.

Scatter over your pine kernels and finish by pouring over your oil and balsamic mix.

Step 5.

Place your pasta in a boiling pan of salted water, and cook the pasta as per the instructions on the packet and quickly prepare your sauce.

Step 6.

Mix your egg and yoghurt and season lightly with salt and pepper.

Step 7.

Combine your cheese into your egg and yoghurt mix.

Step 8.

Drain your pasta and return to the same pan you cooked in, now add your sauce mixture and slowly turn to cover the pasta.

Step 9.

Finally add your fried pancetta and stir through before serving.