The Ultimate Steak Sandwich


40 Minutes

Serves 2


1 Red Onion (Sliced into rounds)

1 Steak (Sirloin is perfect)

Handful of Rocket

2 Ciabatta Rolls

Yellow mustard

½ Bottle of Red wine


Step 1.

Pour your red wine into a bowl big enough to fit your steak, add the steak and leave for 30 minutes

Step 2.

Now add your sliced onion rounds to a pan on a medium heat and allow to go soft, stirring

Step 3.

Now take your steak out of the red wine and dry on a paper towel

Step 4.

Pour a small amount of the red wine into the pan with your onions and turn up the heat to reduce

Step 5.

Now heat a pan (preferably a griddle) until smoking and add your steak, cook for 3 minutes each side (Medium)

Step 6.

Take your steak out of the pan and leave to rest for 5 minutes

Step 7.

Now slice your ciabatta buns and toast in the steak pan until lightly toasted

Step 8.

Build you sandwich by adding a base of rocket, then your sliced steak, a good serving of the red wine onions and finish with a drizzle of yellow mustard